Annette M Mason, PE

Managing Partner

Mrs. Mason is the Managing Partner of Aubertine and Currier Architects, Engineers & Land Surveyors, PLLC, overseeing all business operations. She also manages the structural design for numerous higher educational, municipal, commercial, and institutional projects throughout the North Country and on the Fort Drum Military installation. Mrs. Mason’s experience in structural engineering and her skills have been used on projects encompassing the analysis and design of new and existing building structures, the design of retaining and push walls, and structural design and analysis for superstructures and foundations. Annette is proficient in state and federal building codes, structural assessments of buildings, and retrofit or rehabilitation of existing structural systems for buildings or facility structures. Mrs. Mason has been successful in incorporating both flexibility and ingenuity into structural design options by presenting clients with a number of different alternatives which examine cost constraints, project life, and replacement/rehabilitation options to determine the most economically feasible alternatives for the final design.

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