Structural Engineering

Residential & Commercial

Aubertine and Currier Architects, Engineers & Land Surveyors, PLLC has been offering specialized Structural Engineering services to clients since 2000. Over the years, our firm's expertise in structural engineering has grown significantly to meet the evolving needs of our clients. With a focus on experience, growth, and continuous training, our Engineering Department boasts a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to providing an extensive range of structural engineering services. Our department staff collectively possesses over 150 years of experience, primarily serving clients in Northern New York. We have cultivated strong working relationships with various Regional, State, County, and Local Government Agencies, Officials, Reviewers, Boards, Owners, Developers, and Contractors. Whether you are a residential property owner embarking on your first home construction, a seasoned developer undertaking your hundredth residential subdivision, a business expanding to a new location, or a municipality undertaking road reconstruction or establishing utility districts, our Engineering Department is well-equipped with the necessary experience to cater to your structural engineering requirements.

Some of the structural services we provide:    

  • Structural Investigations & Building Code Review
  • New Facilities, Additions, & Retrofit Designs
  • Reinforced Concrete, Masonry, & Wood Framed Structures; Caissons; Structural Steel
  • Structural, Seismic, & Forensic Evaluations
  • Unsafe Building & Roof Support System Evaluations & Demolition Design
  • Process & Material Storage Structures
  • Equipment Foundations & Support Structures
  • Pre-Engineering/Pre-Fabricated Building Foundations
  • Specialty Foundations
  • Retaining Wall Systems
  • Selective Demolition Design
  • Docks and Seawalls
  • Rural Roadway and Pedestrian Bridges