Key Project:

Skyline Apartments Building Renovation and Site Design, WHA

Watertown, NY

Built in 1960, the Watertown Housing Authority (WHA) Skyline Apartments is a seven-story, 70-unit apartment community located in Watertown, NY. WHA engaged Aubertine and Currier (A&C) to provide Building Renovation and Site Design Services for the apartment building.

Design services included the ground floor building renovations, upper floor parking lot renovations, lower floor Vestibule Entry increase, Community Room enlargement, patio reconstruction with a new Gazebo, new HVAC units atop Community Room and lower floor entry, Fob or card entry system for tenants, Loading Dock renovations, and ADA Parking enlargement.

The A&C Architectural Department delivered designs for the new Vestibule Entrance and newly remodeled office, lobby, community room, kitchen, laundry, recycling, and bathroom areas.  Interior Design services were provided in the form of planning, researching, and coordinating the interior finishes selections, and the exterior finishes and landscaping for the new patio area.

The Structural Engineering Department at A&C provided design details for the new rooftop HVAC units, two new canopies over the Maintenance Entrances, the foundation, and steel roof for the new Vestibule Entrance, and the new code-compliant Loading Dock concrete ramp.

Civil/Site Engineering Services utilized the topographic survey mapping to prepare design plans for repairs and reconstruction.  Preliminary and Final construction plans included site, utility, and grading plans exhibiting details for the access drives, building access aprons, asphalt and stone parking/access, concrete ramp, concrete patio area and walks, grading, dimensions, and control data, drainage improvements, proposed  one-foot contours, and spot elevations.

Services provided:

Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering

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